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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

08 April 2009

Wines whining about wine

Constellation Brands, which sells wine, beer and spirits, said its recent slump in sales of its wines is due to consumers seeking out lower-priced brands and ignoring its own stellar brands like Robert Mondavi, Ravenswood and Clois Du Bois.

I thought that tough times brought out the alcoholic in all of us?

Cap from the Shining - Wines

Please help me with this. Is there a lesser wine than Robert Mondavi, Ravenswood and Clos Du Bois? Maybe the problem is not with changes in consumer habits, looking for cheaper brands of alcohol. Maybe the problem is with the brands themselves. It seems to me that none of their brands represent the “right choice” for right now. Instead, they are just mediocre ones.

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