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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

10 May 2017

Will the iPhone 8 fix Apple’s innovation problem?

I am going to sound like a broken record here. But that’s a risk I am willing to take. Apple must up its innovation game. And I don’t know if the iPhone 8 is gonna do that.

“Nothing feels gloriously different and worthy of covetous behavior. There’s nothing to back up the brand of Think Different.”

iPhone 8When I touch upon anything having to deal with my favorite brand, my passion level busts through the roof.

Recently, my old iPhone 6 made its farewell tour. Its passing moments beckoned the nasally voice of Neil Young in his penultimate car tribute, “Long My You Run.”

Long may you run.

Long may you run.

Although these changes

Have come.

With your chrome heart shining

In the sun

Long may you run.

The new features on the iPhone 8 may not be enough

Corny, I know. But that phone and I had quite a journey together. I planned to hold out for the iPhone 8. But my old friend didn’t make it. At the approval of my wife, I bought an iPhone 7. Like many, I take so long to update phones because those buggers cost so dang much. I bought the jet-black model. It’s nice and all. The camera is certainly improved. And the haptic feedback home button is cool. But really, it’s not all that different.

And that’s what is bugging me about Apple. Too little innovation. Nothing feels gloriously different and worthy of covetous behavior. There’s nothing to back up the brand of Think Different.

As with any fan boy, I’ve searched the potential specs for the iPhone 8 and, I gotta say, I am hopeful. Says Apple Insider, we will probably see “edge-to-edge OLED screens, curved backs, and wireless charging.” What’s more, the home button is probably going the way of the dodo bird.

This seems like a step in the right direction. But what about something brand new? What about a new product so revolutionary that I lose sleep at night attempting to order it upon a midnight release?

I am waiting for that. And I am still hopeful that Apple will bring us something so great again. I think.

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