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21 April 2020

Why Apple’s iPhone SE will become THE mainstream smart phone

I’ve certainly been writing quite a bit about our COVID-19 messaging model that tracks the changes in human motivators during this time. And, of course, the brand best taking advantage is Apple, with its iPhone SE coming out in the next few days.

Most marketers are simply relying on tired messaging they believe will keep them in the good graces of customers and, hopefully, prospects. Even grocery chains, who have the minds of target audiences captured right now, are doing the expected.

iPhone SEBut Apple’s iPhone SE completely aligns with the changes in human motivators and will, I predict, became THE mainstream phone over the coming months.

Let’s examine. During good times, comfort is a relatively low human motivator. In tough times (like today), it’s the top motivator. Simply by offering a new phone that looks like an older model but with today’s computing power, Apple hits the comfort motivator head on.

And the $399 price helps too.

“The iPhone SE is a very smart play that Apple may have lucked into. But it beats the tired and static approach adopted by most brands today. And it will win.”

Why the iPhone SE will succeed

The iPhone SE also signifies what we’ve all seen over the years with high definition televisions. It wasn’t that long ago when those TVs cost thousands of dollars. Now, a 50-inch fully powered and fully connected high-def TV is a bargain buy.

The day of expensive smart phones are over, at least as the standard. There will always be the expensive ones, just like there are with TVs. But this signifies a response to the COVID-19 crisis that others should follow, even if the development of the iPhone SE started long before this.

At least as powerful in these tough times is affirmation, the idea that you’ve made the right choice instead of the best one. The Apple brand gives the iPhone SE that cover. Apple has lately represented the right choice because you can make the case that others’ phones are actually better.

And the Apple brand is certainly familiar (the third-ranking motivator during tough times) and the brand has always represented a community (the fourth).

The iPhone SE is a very smart play that Apple may have lucked into. But it beats the tired and static approach adopted by most brands today. And it will win.

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