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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

26 October 2017

Who’s afraid of Amazon Key? Uh, me.

Man, I’m either getting old or Amazon is taking things too far. Amazon Key allows deliverers to open your front door, place a package inside and lock it again. All the while a camera films the transaction for your safety.

Amazon KeyThe thinking behind Amazon Key is that scoundrels steal packages left at the front door. This fixes that. But do you really want a stranger with access to your house?

I get the thinking. If anything threatens to damage the appeal of online shopping, it’s theft. That’s especially a concern when you’re buying electronics or any other high-ticket items.

Walmart is already instituting a service that allows workers to come into your house and fill your fridge with online food orders. Combined with Amazon Key, is this the wave of the future?

“You sense that something like Amazon Key is simply a natural result. Despite my curmudgeon fears. Is it the game-changer Amazon claims?”

Fearing Amazon Key

Know this. You can’t stop technology. That’s a true axiom that never goes out of style. When Apple manufactures computers without a disk drive, everyone shrieks. But Apple was right. Who needs it? You look at just about everything from smart phones to the Amazon Echo and you’ll find initial resistance. Now they rule our lives. (Maybe that was the fear.)

For example, my middle daughter buys all her groceries through Amazon Fresh. Yes, no grocery shopping for her. There are numerous companies that deliver ready-to-make meals to your door. And their numbers are growing.

You sense that something like Amazon Key is simply a natural result. Despite my curmudgeon fears. Is it the game-changer Amazon claims?

Not initially. I figure there’s many like me who resist that kind of invasion. (Hopefully, there’s no one standing behind the deliverer, waiting for them to open the door. Or worse yet, a zombie!) So it may take awhile. But there are some who’ll try a test drive.

And despite Amazon’s success in looking forward, it’s not perfect. (Remember the Fire Phone?) Its branding means choice and convenience. So I guess Amazon Key fits. Fork over the $299.99 for the Amazon Key kit and let me know if you’re satisfied.

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