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A bit about us

The Stealing Share Brand Company

A Global Brand Company

Stealing Share is an elite global brand company that arms you with the tools you need to win. You won’t find any branding bullshit here. We create corporate rebranding, product rebranding, marketing strategy, competitive analysis, brand positioning, training, design and conduct research with only one goal in mind:

To steal market share for you. We are the experts in persuasion (read our leader’s bios here), and have proven it with brands and companies all across the world. Our strategists uncover the fears, aspirations and belief systems of your target audiences and then we infuse those understandings into the DNA of your brand position.

The result? Your competitors will fear you. That’s how your brand creates real preference. It’s how we steal market share. If you don’t want our kind of brand company click here.

Our work takes us all over the globe

A brand company creating brands that work

Don’t simply create a static image like the other brand companies do. We create brands that move the target audience to covet you and create lasting preference.

Our brand company, as our logo suggests, goes “beyond theory.” And we go deeper into all the emotional connections with your brand. Because of this, aggressive companies from around the globe see change as the place to steal market share.

They come to us to guide them through it and take advantage of those changes. And everyone else will continue to lose.

We come together at Stealing Share to draw a line in the sand and turn the rest of the world of branding companies out for the trash.

Nothing matters more than becoming important to those that you must influence.

Because we look at your brand organically, digging deep to analyze your strategy from the perspective of the target audience. We are different from the other brand companies. (Read a metric we created to predict the success of your marketing)

Our work begins and ends with your target audience.

What makes the us different?

That’s easy. it’s because our work is persuasive. And our instincts are aggressive. Other brand companies aren’t. We have had enough of that crap.

That is why so much brand work today is a waste of your money. At Stealing Share, you are armed and dangerous. This is the no bullshit branding company.

But we get it. We are not for everybody and that’s the way it is. We don’t have time to waste and we don’t suffer fools easily. If you are like us, pick up the phone and call us. Steal an hour of your time we can show you how to change everything.

Winning is a choice. There is no room for compromises.



Click on this for a quick video on Stealing Share 
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