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Stealing Share’s brand experts are regularly in the news with published marketing articles, articles on brand and featured opinions on up-to-the minute issues that influence brand thinking worldwide.

News media and Larry King: How times have worsened

27 January 2021News media and Larry King: How times have changed When hearing of Larry King’s death at the age of 87, my first thought was: My, how things have changed. I was thinking of the state of current news media. Especially among the cable news networks. When...

Are Newspapers Dying? Can they be saved?

Newspapers dying and the Power of Brand Everywhere I look I see newspapers dying Of all the changes that modern technology has ushered in, nothing is more distressing than newspapers dying. Across the globe, newsrooms are clipping the wings of their staff of...

The Brand of China. A nation is a brand.

China is a Brand The Brand of China. A nation is a brand. 中國產品 邁入領先創新階段 【本報記者邰彥紐約報導】中國對外開放30年,中國產品在美國完成廉 價、低檔和普及的第一階段使命「中國製造」已經在西方製造業站穩 品牌。專家認為,未來20年,中國產品將進入「領先」和「創新」的新 階段。 從日本到美國、專門從中國進口玻璃纖維原材料的業者齊彤表示:「過 去幾年來,隨著中國產品大量出口,並隨著國外對產品質量意見反饋增 多,中國製造這個品牌已經闖出來,雖然多數產品還不精緻完美,但西...

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