Market Positioning 

New marketing positioning

Your dynamic marketing strategy must focus on the customer. Your marketing positioning needs to be precise. And your branding must prove that the positioning as real.

Everyone knows this. But are you prepared for tomorrow’s about-face?

Stealing Share has a process to get there. We have a proven road map that challenges every assumption along the way.

The dynamic marketing positioning begins with message modeling. Our marketing and brand strategists start with this dynamic model, and it leads us to message hypotheses. These are potent motivations and behavioral triggers. We use these emotional and rational tripwires that fire unforgettable thorns into the minds of prospects and customers.

We see marketing positioning as a living entity, not piecemeal. It must be a whole organism. Positioning controls a living and organic entity that brings all the elements together. Working together and changing together. Evolving together and, in many cases, instantly transforming into something more relevant.


Holistic marketing synergy, the key to marketing positioning

But skeptics we remain. We test the new marketing positioning and strategy with your customers and prospects.

We challenge all our assumptions and ideas with projectable market research. So, we never have to say, “Take our word for it.” Take the market’s word for it.

Our marketing and integrated brand strategies are predictive. This predictive model shows you exactly what changes you can expect — and with exact messages.

We polish your brand narrative and marketing positioning based upon the research. Making sure it is as relevant and meaningful as possible. We base this on the belief systems of your customers and prospects. These changing and dominant trends are the roots of your integrated positioning and message.

Marketing and branding supporting each other

In this instant world, everything must agree. Your new marketing positioning speaks to the benefit. Positioning demonstrating differences from competitors, and your brand says why it is true.

The persuasive strategy brings all these disciplines into harmony. Without this holistic approach, your marketing initiatives will never reach full potential.

Our goal is to steal market share. As a result, we approach the problem without bias. We diagnose the problem and prescribe treatments and antidotes.

The results of our work translate into your winning. But expect us to challenge EVERYTHING. Not everyone is ready for what’s next. We live there.

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