Brand training for sales and the sales force

Team brand training. Training sales on the brand message

team brand training

The Sales Playbook is an interactive guide

Team brand training is an important part of branding. Branding is not just the province of the marketing department. Everyone in the company carries the brand promise so they must be trained on it. Most importantly, the sales staff plays a tremendous role, especially in a sales-driven company such as those in B2B markets.

It’s for that reason why we at Stealing Share nearly always conduct team brand training as part of our branding efforts with clients. For many companies, the sales staff represents the primary message deliverer for the brand. That’s why it’s crucial that those reps represent the brand in the most persuasive and consistent way, and are able to fully understand their prospects more than the competition.
Our team brand training is broken down into three parts

The Brand

Personality profiles for team Brand training for the sales forceLays out the brand’s promise, how it relates to their own sales discussions and why it is important. (Always based on projectable, quantitative research.) The training will answer the question: Who are your customers when they use your brand?


Based on the research, the personalities in your market will be analyzed because personality plays a significant role in the selection and purchase of all products and services. Each type is distinctive and requires a different approach. Therefore, sales reps are shown cues to which personality type they are meeting and how to craft sales messages specifically tailored to them.

Team Brand Training Sales messages

Team Brand training for the sales force on temperamentsThe development of sales message are built around the brand, adjusted for the products you offer and the personalities you approach. Reps will understand what they should say to open the door, what questions to ask, what words and phrases to use, and what caveats to avoid.

All of the team brand training elements are compiled into a sales playbook that is detailed, but actionable, and gives sales reps expert guidance in practicing the art of stealing share – taking customers from the competition.

The entire focus is to give sales reps scientific advantages over competitors and knowledge of how the brand strategy is more than an empty phrase.

The playbook and training form a roadmap to success, unifying corporate messaging and prompting customers to choose you beyond the table stakes of great service, successful products and low price.

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