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Stealing Share publishes market studies on a regular basis.

Our researchers and brand strategists look at specific categories. They evaluate the competitive set and look critically at the brand positions claimed by the various branded products and services.

These market studies are useful dissertations on a variety of categories and are designed to give marketers insights into opportunities and trends.

In the past, our market studies have created interest and caused a stir in many categories, including but not limited to retail, airlines, banking, consumer products, packaged goods, technology and insurance. These have resulted in Stealing Share being asked to contribute opinions for many vertical publications as well as countless news papers like the NY Times, Washington Post, Barron’s, The Denver Post, and the Wall Street Journal.

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Telling the truth from a dispassionate perspective is not the best way to make friends and influence strangers. Often what we have to say is considered bold and direct. It is how we do business. Our job is to find opportunities for clients to steal market share. This means we are looking for problems in categories and places where brands can stand for something that is unclaimed and important.

Many of our clients have come to us after reading a market study and recognizing that we strive to tell the truth. They themselves are hungry for growth and recognize that if you want to win you need to make sure you do not simply follow the conventional wisdom. In this way, part of our success can be attributed to the clients that pick us.

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