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How we work is what makes Resultant Research one of the world’s top market research companies. One goal. Research must produce more business. Other research firms don’t make that connection. It is the only reason we exist. To find ways to grow your business and help steal market share.

Our researchers at Resultant approach your research project with the same focus and intensity as our strategists do. We don’t just understand your market. We dig up the opportunities for your brand to grow.

This is NOT research as usual. Yes, Resultant conducts quantitative and qualitative research skill sets. However, this is where the similarities between Resultant and other research companies end.

Our  market research is different

Market research companies

The questions Resultant researchers ask are different from other research companies. While usage and attitudes are tested, Resultant uncovers the belief systems that drive your target audience’s behavior. The goal is to change that behavior so the target audience prefers you. This is not market research designed to support the status quo or fattened egos. 

This is research that challenges you, finds weaknesses in your strategy and exploits opportunities in your market space. Resultant looks to predict the brand and the market, and not simply reflect it. 

Our researchers probe, question and uncover the belief systems that create preference; quantifying behaviors, qualifying equities and bringing you actionable knowledge. Research should not simply agree with what you already know and understand. It should challenge you.

Research findings that are actionable

Valuable market research must have a coordination of researchers and strategists. It is not enough to just have a statistical understanding of research principles. The researchers MUST work hand-in-hand with the strategists. EVERYDAY.

Like our brand strategists, we are fierce, curious and challenge everything. The result: Resultant Research means new business for you, and less market share for your competition.

Resultant Research has worked with Fortune 100 companies, international brands and small but aggressive companies all over the globe. No research project is too large or too small as long as the company wants to win and is willing to accept strategic change. Contact us at

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Our research methodology

Methodology matters in market research. Quantitative research is the only true scientific reflection of the market you want to impact. How you do it is as important as what you’re asking. Check out our methodology here.


Types of Research

Resultant Research conducts many types of market research to uncover persuasive marketing and branding triggers. Click here for more information.

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