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Comparing branding companies and why you need us

Comparing branding companies. We make it easy.

Rebranding your company, service, or product

Comparing branding companies can be challenging. And, branding companies like Stealing Share are very different from advertising agencies and other brand companies. Ad agencies create advertising and marketing messages that are tactical in their execution.

Typical branding companies only create equity markers and identity. The problem is that a tactical message is temporary by nature. The problem with equity markers is that they are often about you and are not important to the customer you need to influence. You can’t afford to waste time.

We get hired because brands have a pressing issue and a limited amount of time. At Stealing Share, we know how to fix the problem and do it quickly.

Stealing Share is different

Other branding companies are more interested in what you want rather than what you need. (Here is a list of our competitors that helps in comparing branding companies).

We always give you what you need.

Smart branding involves choices when comparing branding companies

Don’t insert a square peg in a round hole

A brand is underperforming in its preference and awareness so we are hired. Our job is to identify the real problem, find the highest emotional intensity that affects the target market and then execute the solution.

The solution may include a new theme, personality, color palette, logo, look and feel, and training. Often, it includes operational recommendations, manufacturing changes and organizational ones.

A company with a single purpose

When comparing branding companies, remember Stealing Share has a predetermined and finite engagement. And, we have no desire to turn this surgical strike into a long-term retainer. So, we tell the hard truths. As such, we are able to maintain objectivity and strength of purpose.

At Stealing Share, we promise you an understandable objective: We will identify barriers to acceptance, pathways to market share growth and execute strategies that make your marketing group smarter and your advertising extraordinary.

Rebranding is a science and the stakes are so high that it requires someone like us to navigate the obstacles, barriers and opportunities your business initiative requires.

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