Branding Project Timeline and Rebranding Flowchart

The Branding

Project Timeline

Branding Project Timeline and Rebranding Flowchart

The Branding Project Timeline 

Every project is unique but the branding project timeline has some common elements. The brand flowchart (see below) is a good representation of the typical Stealing Share branding project timeline.

The means the branding process can change based on the needs of the client.  But the basic nature of a project and its resulting marketing strategy remains the same. And is quite scientific in nature. Note that our branding project timeline ALWAYS includes market research.

Because of that brand research focus, our branding process starts with both qualitative and quantitative research.

Fielding Market Research

We conduct a competitive analysis and brand audit. Completed while the research is fielded.

We have the basics for building a meaningful brand as the brand research finishes. Including a brand position to create consumer preference for you in the market.

And, we know what is most important to the target audience (research). We see the competing positions (competitive analysis). And what is true about you (brand audit).

It is at this point in a branding project timeline that the true strategic work begins.

The allows our brand strategists to develop positioning, strategy and tactics that are actionable and aimed to create preference.

Note, any brand creative and design work needed to complete the branding process would start in the latter stages of the flow chart.



While it is true that every Stealing Share branding project timeline is different, there are some standard practices that we believe are important to ensure your success.Success results from important upfront strategic work. Designed for clear strategy and positioning.

So, let’s talk for a moment about brand research. From our perspective, nothing is more important than that research.

As a result we make no assumptions when we work on your project and look for the highest emotional intensity that we can find for the target audience that you need to influence.

The Branding Project Timeline Research

A foundation to our branding project timeline is the research methodology. Because, methodology matters.

And, the qualitative research portion of the branding process is fully double-blinded. So, the interviewee is unaware of who is sponsoring the brand research. These sessions find the full range of opportunities and barriers that exist in the market.

Only after modeling the behaviors and completing the qualitative portion of the research do we begin to create the questionnaire used in the quantitative portion of the project.

Note that this quantitative brand research is always double-blinded. And designed to quantify the emotional intensities. We measure more than just rational ideas. So, when your share-stealing brand is complete you have confidence that its power.

As a result, it is projectable to the target audience. It is a randomized study designed to uncover emotional intensities, switching triggers beliefs and competitive advantages.

So, the strategy work follows the research and dissection of the competitive positions. And, teaching your entire organization finishes our work. Click here to see some examples of our completed branding projects.


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