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The Stealing Share Brand Company

Brand creative is much more than just a pretty picture when it comes from Stealing Share. It is ALWAYS on strategy. It is this lack of strategy that really gets us angry at the rest of our category. They may be artists but they are lacking in the science of persuasion.

We win our share of awards for our creative work but we NEVER solicit those awards.
Our goal is to bring the highest emotional intensity into your brand. It is always beautiful and perfectly designed but we ask so much more of it. So should you.

Stealing Share brand creative is all about intensity.

Should this matter to you? It doesn’t seem to matter to other branding companies.

Our creative is integrated in the strategy. It radiates it. Go somewhere else if you just want a new logo and a set of brochures.

Our brand creative makes the brand real

Sometimes it involves creating a new logo and branded imagery and messaging from the ground up across the brand.

Sometimes that involves a new logo and look and feel, imagery and context, repositioning and web work.

Sometimes it means you need to change your culture to match the values of the target audience. Whatever is needed for you to grow is the emotional fiber of our work. 

That only happens when our art meets the science of strategy. It happens every day of every week at Stealing Share. It is both who we are and what we do.

Stealing Share Brand Creative Samples

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