Brand Training

Our brand training does not end when we leave

We work to steal market share from your competitors. However, the brand must also keep existing customers. To accomplish both, you must live the brand so that it’s believable and real to target audiences. Our brand training does that.

Through questioning and discovery, learning happens. Not lecturing and blabbing on and on. To learn anything, you must learn to incorporate it into your muscle memory.

Brand training creates a dynamic culture

So, we teach brand training through a series of questions within the context of the brand. Your training fuses the brand into everyone’s day-to-day work lives. It affects everyone’s responsibilities and tasks, creating a link between what you do every day and the brand’s core.

brand trainingOur training sessions effectively inspire the attendees. They are fun. The brand training moves them to be ambassadors of the overall brand strategy by understanding its essential nature in both internal and external relationships. That’s important. Because any misstep in living the brand makes the brand less believable to those you wish to influence.

The training process changes participants in two distinct ways:

IDENTIFY – Moving everyone from process-actions to actions with a purpose. Shifting their thinking about their organization as a provider of goods or services to the strategic view

RESPONSIBILITY – Moving from process to purpose. Helping individuals who carry out functions, activities, or processes to fulfill the strategic view.

A series of impactful sessions

We teach brand training through a series of sessions. Employees learn the function that the brand provides them and for the company. They ask themselves questions about their daily duties that ensure they are fulfilling the brand promise. Then, they begin to see their role within the organization as necessary.

Understanding what your brand means to the customer is job task number one. Number two is assisting employees in finding how they can fulfill the brand promise is their day-to-day work lives.

For key executives, department heads, and HR, we train the trainers for continuing brand training. We give them the tools to conduct additional sessions with new employees and refreshers for others.

Sales Training

We make the relationship between a sales rep and the brand real. Much like we do with brand training. The best sales forces are those that know how to use the brand as an emotional lever to open doors, leading to more sales and opportunities.


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