When will marketing get back to normal

 What’s a brand  to do? 

Prospects and customers are permanently changed

Even your  co-workers have changed

Everything that changed in your company changed in your prospects lives too

People work remotely.  They have different goals and actions.

So, if the world is different, has your brand evolved to keep up with the changes?

Slow changes are evolution

What you face is a revolution

You must revolutionize your brand’s message

Or look failure right in the face

Brand values are not sacrosanct.  They must reflect the prospect in situ.

And your brand’s situation (in situ) has moved. It is now tipping.

The brand narrative is a story.  We all say that.

But a story must contain characters, a specific setting, a plot, a conflict, and a resolution

Does your brand need updating? 

Is it as relevant as it was before  Covid-19 changed the world?

I’m not talking about your logo and identity. 

Has your conflict and resolution been updated?

We have a process to grade that.

We are busy auditing brands. So busy we have lowered the cost

$30K and In four weeks, your Audit will be complete

Grading your brand’s relevance in nine specific areas

The Audit includes your brand’s relevance post lockdown