What went wrong with 7 up

Put a stake in the ground and, with authority, say, “This is who we are.”  It’s something that 7 Up once knew but forgot.

The biggest 7 Up mistake

7 Up was once only behind Coca-Cola and Pepsi in market share. It was the Uncola, with ads featuring Jeffrey Holder.

Since then, there have been 16 versions of 7 Up.

From “7 Upside Down” (yes, the logo was upside down) to Cherry 7 Up, which was the subject of a lawsuit because 7 Up claimed it was an antioxidant.

7 up has used so many themelines and ad campaigns in an attempt to stall its market share fall that the brand has essentially become meaningless.

It had no caffeine, with Holder saying, “Never had it. Never will.” Everything was cool. 7 Up was cool.

Why didn't it stay as the Uncola?

7 Up had its own diet version. Market share slipped to where it was the eighth best-selling soft drink in 2000, with 2% market share.

Then came the diet sodas

What happened?

More competition 7 Up is no longer the only cola of its ilk in the market. When it was king, it was the only soda that wasn’t a “dark” soda that mattered

What happened?

It never cracked diet 7 Up kept changing its formula, using aspartame, then switching to Splenda as a sweetener then back to aspartame. Drinkers couldn’t keep up.

How to fix 7 Up

Taste not the problem In fact, if you blindfold yourself, you'll recognize how similar the taste is between 7 Up and…Coke.

How to fix 7 Up

It has brand equity When it was the Uncola, it was positioned against the rest of the market. And it suggested that its drinkers were not ordinary.