Vital elements in a brand relaunch

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Brand underperformance and market weakness is the result of unclear meaning

Four reasons  to consider a brand relaunch

Reason 1

Research says "The target audience cannot identify the brand's strategy."

The market landscape has significantly changed

Reason 2

A new competitor enters the category.

Reason 3

 ...and no one in your category claims it.

Research uncovers a brand meaning that is highly emotional...

Reason 4

Too often in our experience, brands back into a new positioning

...thinking that all they need is a new tagline and a changed color palette.

Oh NO...

A successful brand relaunch requires an outside-in focus.

You must reach those currently not choosing you.

A new tagline is not enough to steal a new position


Make them FEEL as well as SEE


Prospects must see a change but they must FEEL it deeply.

It's always about them.  Never about you.

Prospects are the main element in the brand relaunch


It's always about them.  Never about you.