TV Stations

Why are they still branded by a number?

Why do TV stations continue to brand themselves with an outdated number?

Here in North Carolina, the CBS affiliate brands itself with the number 2

Yet, it’s only channel 2 if you are using an antenna for over-the-air broadcasting on an 1980s RCA TV.

Yet, it uses the number 2 in everything. 2 Wants to Know. My 2 Cents

But this represents a big problem facing local TV stations.

Why are they branded with such outdated numbers and letters? 

Why can't they just be branded as something more descriptive or meaningful

Not numbers and letter signs like something out of a WWII spy novel.

Hell, the local FOX affiliate says “FOX 8 on your side.” Yet, on our local cable network, it is channel 10. And WFMY is channel 9.

There’s no brand equity in those call signs and, especially, in the outdated channel numbers.

Those numbers came from an age when you correlated your station with a number on the TV knob.

It’d be like if BuzzFeed was actually called Website Number 12

Local TV stations in need of a brand refresh should let us know. Join the 21st century. Or at least, the late 20th century.