The Process of Stealing Market Share 

Rebranding?  Absolutely. Rebranding gives your product or service PERMISSION to steal market share.

Our stealing share process

Rebranding to steal market share is a cognitive science, combined with experience, smarts, and talent. 

We use modern cognitive science and the smarts of today’s persuasive analyses to transform your market.

Time compresses. As a result, competitors arise daily. Advertising becomes less effective, and your customers have greater choice.

So, it’s time for new thinking and it is time for modern marketing strategies.

Take share from competitors. Steal share from other categories. Grow. Change. Adapt. 

Then adapt again and reinvent on the fly. 

New marketing strategies focus on fleeting opportunities and lay the foundations for future relevance. 

Easy. Stealing Share envisions a marketing strategy as a complete organism. 

Symbiotic with the needs and wants of your target audience and in keeping with your brand’s DNA. 

Every single brand and marketing message needs agreement. If they are not supporting each other, they are negating each other.

Our process dissects your marketing strategy and brand into logical elements. 

News travels faster. Even fabricated truths. Information overloads their senses, and your prospects are drowning in a sea of marketing messages. 

 More is not better. Your prospects are trying to filter out the noise, and most marketing is just that— noise.

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, TicToc, and every conceivable information channel trained prospects to filter out SPAM. 

They are experts at ignoring. How does your message break through the filters?

We think of the brand as permission. It’s the gateway to importance. 

 In a glance, prospects consider if what they are hearing, seeing, and experiencing is FOR them. This permission is brand in its purest form.

We craft your brand’s permission scientifically. Modeling the message around belief statements, we build the brand’s permissions to excite your prospects’ interest.

Research (with a capital R)

We don’t guess. Stealing Share developed a research process that enables us to quantify emotional triggers. 

We can compare apples and oranges. And this model is predictive.  That means we can pinpoint the highest emotional trigger and turn the volume up on that key element.

As a result, prospects allow the brand to enter. You enter their considered set.

Our is process is a subtle form of rebranding

It does not require a new logo or color palette, but it demands an emotional refresh

The marketing message has to agree with the brand. 

I agree

Think about the brand’s permission as the reason why...

 ... it's why your brand exists and what it tries to accomplish.

The marketing strategy’s story and brand position tell the prospect the WHAT the brand does.

As a result, your message is a tactical execution of the strategy. And the brand’s position is where the brand lives in context to competitors.

The message has a short shelf life. The permissions and position live longer.

Persuasive marketing demands making hard choices. And, choosing a single idea. 

Branding's Emotional Intensity

Research clears up any confusion 

In the market today, you must be singleminded. Who can afford the waste in a scattered approach? 

We own this discipline. We can’t afford to waste your money.

One great idea is better than any handful of great ideas.

Uncovering the highest emotional intensity is the foundation of our marketing strategy. It must be the foundation of yours. 

Challenge your customers and prospects

Base your brand’s permission on their beliefs, and they understand the danger of rejection. This is the crux of emotional rebranding.