The SONY brands

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SONY was once the most powerful brand in consumer electronics. 

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Think for a moment about the SONY brands under its corporate umbrella. Trinitron. Walkman, and Watchman.

And...PlayStation. Betamax. Blu-ray. Vaio. Handicam, Xperia, Bravia, SONY Music Entertainment and on and on.

Few of the Sony brands disappoint the buyer. Yet the power of the brand has vanished.

Once upon a time...  “It’s a SONY" was enough to create preference.

Today, the brand is a struggling afterthought.

The crowded consumer electronic market has sucked the wind out of SONY.

SONY’s  problem is that it has a too large and too diverse a portfolio. It’s  all about the sub-brands, like Playstation. 

The plethora of electronics and loss of focus meant that SONY asked us to choose a sub-brand rather than choose the parent company.

Apple has sub-brands but the consumer buys APPLE.

It’s the Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Apple Macbook, Apple Air pods... 

It's always Apple... Apple... and Apple.

We can trace SONY's failures to its view of itself —as an electronics company.

Rather than a marketing and communications company.

SONY, hear this...innovation won’t save you.

Innovation is a support point for a brand promise. It is not a brand promise by itself. 

and creator of consumer electronics. 

SONY believes it is a  manufacturer and an innovator

Which only means  you just  make stuff.

SONY does not  give anyone a  reason to prefer them because of the SONY brand alone. 

This IS the SONY problem

You measure a brand’s value as a combination of preference and increased margins.

 Great brands create  a  willingness for us to inconvenience ourselves to buy the brand...

 and our willingness to pay more for the pleasure of doing so.

At the end of the day the sub-brands  need to sell the SONY brand.

Will SONY change and do it?