The Coca-Cola brand

Meaning dictating action

The soft drink market leader, owning a 30% global market share, is eliminating many of its brands to provide greater focus on its parent brand.

That’s smart thinking. In a pandemic or not. Target audiences can get lost when bombarded with too many offerings.

The Coca-Cola brand is reacting to the downturn of out-of-home offerings, like restaurants and sporting events. It needed to cut  costs.

But it’s smarter than even that. The Coca-Cola brand means authenticity. The “real thing” if you will.

Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero remain the best-selling brands for the company.

And what do they have in common? The Coke brand, which is singular in its meaning. So why not put more focus into those brands?

The meaning of authenticity requires it.

Many brands fail to understand that their brand position dictates everything

If you’re brand is about simplicity (like Apple), everything you do must stem from that. From product design to store design to messaging.

Because of the authentic meaning, the soft drink giant should pare down its offerings. Why? Because too many offerings feels inauthentic.