Emotional  TECH Marketing

For as advanced as the tech world is becoming, tech marketing remains in the Stone Age.

Since the unveiling of Apple’s iPhone more than 13 years ago, the tech industry has exploded.

We carry a computer in our pocket.

Internet speeds are so fast and robust, we take for granted the beautiful pictures we stream across our televisions.

But most tech marketing lacks that innovation.

Other than Apple, tech companies still focus on product benefits. 

But nothing about who the customer is when they use a tech brand. Little definition, and no emotion.

How much of your messaging is consumed by the nuts and bolts of what you do? 

Is it always led by a benefit, such as saving time or doing things more efficiently?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, you have problems creating preference.

Too many tech marketers figure their target audience is just like them.

That they are fascinated by the technological achievements and benefits.

The engineers – as brilliant as many are – should not be driving your messaging.

Marketing is left brain work. Tech engineering is right brain.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs understood that people choose based on emotion.

Jobs himself wasn’t an engineer. He was a marketer, who understood human behavior.

Tech marketing

Know your target audience better than your competition does. 

Tech marketing

Use research that digs into their precepts, the belief systems that drive choice.

Then, when finding those emotional intensities in your market, get out of your own way.

Make sure your theme and messaging are about the target audience. 

Not you.