T-Mobile TV ad

Missing an opportunity

We wish the publicist-driven T-Mobile not-quite Super Bowl ad deserves its social media popularity.

But like all but one of this year’s Super Bowl ads, it ruined its opportunity.

The phone carrier promoted a spot with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

T-Mobile said it was banned from being aired during the big game because they were participants.

But why is the spot itself so lame?

Super Bowl ads are a waste of money. Most are just trying to be entertaining. Not trying to create preference.

In fact, the T-Mobile ad was just the same tired old thing. Celebrities acting in a strained sitcom situation.

If the brand was going to take such as unique way to get noticed, why didn’t the TV spot itself take the same path? 

It will be forgotten as you soon as you finish reading this. It has a life span of a whisper.

There are few opportunities for brands to rise above the fray.  Be bold when those opportunities rise.