Super Bowl ad spend

Budweiser switches tactics

Why do brands fork out such a huge Super Bowl ad spend?

The easy answer is that no TV event attracts more eyeballs than the big game. 

So, you wanna be noticed? Then get in front of as many people as you can. Or so the thinking goes.

But we've always felt the money was better spent elsewhere. 

Especially because advertisers approach the event like a contest Whose are most entertaining? Who wins the popularity poll? 

Traditionally, one of the biggest spenders is Budweiser

But the Budweiser brand won’t appear this year.

Instead, it’s pouring dollars into a COVID-19 vaccine awareness Super Bowl ad from the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative.

The ratings for the Super Bowl will again be huge. Mahomes versus Brady (again?!) makes for exciting football. 

The only reason to buy into it is to raise awareness. And most brands don’t need awareness. They need preference.

I choose you

And the cost is too high for those who do need awareness.  Unless it's to raise awareness for the COVID-19 vaccine.

The truth is brands advertise during the Super Bowl because their ad agencies want them to do it. 

It’s how THEY get their profile raised. It’s THEIR awareness (with both potential clients and award committees) they’re worried about.

Awareness is the only value of a Super Bowl ad spend. At least Budweiser is spending money for something that needs it.