Successful Brands

It’s a simple fact. Successful brands are the ones that are seemingly exclusive. 

Successful brands

As though you’re part of a club with only a few select members.

As Groucho Marx says, “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.”

In-N-Out Burger chains open for the first time in Colorado and chaos ensues. Police controlled those standing in line for more than 12 hours.  There was even a pant-less fight.

It was that consuming desire to be part of something that seemed exclusive or out of reach before. 

Apple bases its strategy on scarcity. “Think Different” was its founding theme. And it’s lived that mantra ever since.

It's just as important to say who you are NOT for as who you are for. Without that definition, you don’t offer a true choice.

Not For

Being seen as exclusive and/or scarce is what successful brands ultimately become.