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Why is  Stealing Share different?

Stealing Share

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Notice we didn’t say HOW is Stealing Share different.

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We are different because we aren’t theorists.

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We’re businessmen (and women).  Just like you are.

And we want to win.

Sometimes that means facing uncomfortable truth.

We believe your brand DNA sets the stage for all your success.

So, we build brands around persuasive principles.

That's how we practice stealing share.

A stealing share brand is about permission.

It’s a coveted doorway.

Your prospects must crave permission to open and ENTER that door

So, your brand story must be about THEM and not you.

This is where branding, as you know it, flunks out.

We fix the broken timepiece that should be your brand.

We define your brand in your prospect’s terms.

They need to notice your brand…

…And because the new brand is about them, they covet it.

Brands we create and fix steal share.

Call us.  We will talk straight with  you.

We may tell you that you have ugly kids. Sorry. We start with the truth.

Then we fix the  problem at its root

Next time. We will talk about how we do it.

Right now? WHY we do it is a good start.


You would be surprised how many are afraid to talk with us.

If you’re lucky, your competitors are afraid of us too.

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