Biomimetic Theraputics was a company that   invented a novel way to treat ankle fusions in patients with comorbidities using a molecule caled PDGF.

The problem was Biomimetic was so small it had a hard time getting foot and ankle surgeons to notice. They were being ignored.

Quantitative research conducted by Stealing Share showed that foot an ankle surgeons looked at ankle fusions as mundane.

In fact, they told us they were


with the procedure and always looking for something new.

Suddenly, everthing changed.

Stealing Share positioned Biomimetic to be for foot and ankle surgeons who are tired of what's ordinary - ordinary outcomes, ordinary procedures and ordinary tools.

The brand simply stated that surgeons did not have to accept what is ordinary.

To show just how much changed we used interactive touch screens in their trade booth

and challenged attendees with a room drop that said,  "There are times when something important comes along that changes everything. As surprising as it sounds, not everyone will come by our booth to see it.”

In 2012, Wright Medical purchased Biomimetic Theraputics for $380M. No one was ignorning Biomimetic any more.

Wright admired the Biomimetic branding so much that they hired us to rebrand themselves after the acquisition.

But that is another story.