4 Rules for Stealing Market Share 

Every successful brand must be driven to steal market share. 

It is the only way to survive.

The  winner is the one whose growth comes at the expense of the competition.

Rule #1 Don't believe everything you hear

Don’t believe the internal hype surrounding your brand’s importance to the customer.

The attributes that provide marketers with so much pride are rarely why a customer prefers one brand to another.

Rule #2 Don't believe your own hype

It is easy to get caught up in the self-serving belief that your product, people, and expertise are better than the competition.

Rule #3 Don't be like the market leader

When you copy the marketing message and style of the market leader, you are absolutely their very best friend. 

Rule #4 Be consistent

Brand strategy is a long-term commitment and your own lack of commitment spells its doom.

Increasing market share at your competitors’ expense takes more than a catchy commercial and tagline. 

The Result Be a brand