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Retail Market Study

Like the ancient city of Pompeii and the modern city of Napoli, retailers live next to a snoozing volcano of transformation.

Changes are afoot. We’ve seen retailers close locations or simply go belly up.

The Retail Market

In this positioning chart, luxury retailers exist on top. This high-end section blurs with the middle-tiered players.

The Retail Market

The middle-tiered players blend into the value and discount retail providers

Walmart owns the discount market. Its customers see themselves as smart because they save money and live better.

Target apes Walmart: "Expect more, Pay Less."

That means Walmart always becomes the default choice

The Retail Market's middle pack

It offers high-end fashion to snag shoppers who may frequent the luxury stores, but are attracted to Macy's blowout sales. Macy's has no new ideas.

JCPenney plays in the middle market like a discount player. JCPenney has no new ideas.

You must be known for something. Right now, retailers play the middle - trying to have a foot in one end and the other - and being known for nothing.

And so they die.

All known for 




What about Amazon?

Department stores own huge retail spaces empty of customers.  Basically, the doomsday scenario. If you don’t believe it, the evidence is all around you.

Brand still wins

Brand is the only way customers choose 

For emotional reasons Not rational ones

Online or brick and mortar? It doesn't matter

Find the emotional intensites in your target market.  Align your brand with those intensities.