Retail Branding

A branded house or  a house of brands?

In at least one case, a retail chain is evolving into a house of brands.

Target will include Ulta standalone sections to go with its already store-within-a-store concept that includes Starbucks, CVS and Disney. 

Target wants to be known as a sort of shopping mall. And how are malls doing these days?

Brand definitions

A branded house means the parent brand is the face of the franchise. Like BMW.

A house of brands means all the sub-brands take center stage. Think P&G.

A house of brands leaves Target’s own branding efforts in the dust. Consumers won’t come to Target because of the Target brand. 

They might not even come for the other brands. Because they can get them elsewhere. 

Retail branding right now is simply lost. Some still believe they can make their brick and mortar locations work with store design. 

Many, especially Target, simply copy Walmart’s low-cost model and wonder why it can’t catch up.

The answer always stares them right in the face. Fix your brand. It’s that simple. Yet most retail branding is simply lazy. 

Retailers remain as stubborn in clutching their outdated brands as those grasping their Blackberrys.