Rebranding St Jude Medical



Medtronic was eating everyone's lunch and  St Jude needed answers.

Everyone claimed the same values. And everyone used the same color palette. All the competing medical devices and manufacturers were great. And all had reams of supporting clinical data.

We conducted primary research across the globe with cardiac specialists in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The highest emotional intensity for cardiac specialists was the RISK of the  patient's death.

Not only was RISK the highest emotional intensity, cardiac specialists said they would switch manufacturers for greater control over risk.

The old logo had no emotional meaning or intensity to the target audience beyond the SJM corporate identity. Inside the corporate walls, it was known as the SJM "STOP Sign". It was all about SJM and not the cardiac specialist.

But the customer must always be the hero in persuasive branding.

The new logo by Stealing Share demonstates that risk never goes away. But that  St. Jude finds ways for the cardic specialist to control it.

Purchase decisions are emotional choices. Even though the target audience believes that they are  making a rational choice.

The rebranding made the cardiac specialist the hero. St. Jude promised to give the specialist more control so that the cardiac specialist could reduce risk.

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The powerful new brand moved into 2nd place in the category before Abbott puchased them in 2017.