Rebranding rules

Most rebranding is actually just a refreshing of a logo, holding on to sacred cows without meaning.

Rebranding Rule #1 Don't Hold Back

That’s not rebranding. That’s spitting into the wind.

Rebranding Rule #2 Step Back

Throw everything you know about your current brand out the window. 

Every industry believes it is unique.   But  the end result of any rebranding is still the same:  Understanding human behavior. 

Rebranding Rule #3 Focus on the Competition

Focusing on current customers leads to the stale refresh of a brand rather than something designed to steal market share.

It’s the customers of your competition that you are looking to attract. And, right now, they are ignoring you.

Rebranding Rule #4 Test Precepts

Our actions as humans are driven by our belief systems. Our wants and needs come from a belief. 

Usage and attitude studies rarely tell you anything that you already didn’t know. 

Rebranding Rule #5 Be Prepared

Rebranding means taking a hard look at how the brand is currently performing – and the news is usually not good.

If the news is all good, that means this is as good as it gets. The goal of rebranding is to re-emerge stronger.