Marketing strategy Simplicity 

We could pick on just about any category. 

But we're harping on the medical devices category because few segments fall so short in developing the best marketing strategy.

Just make it simple, stupid.

You can implement that marketing strategy if you spend a lotta money to promote.

Simplicity remains the single most efficient and effective way to promote your brand and products.

Marketing Strategy

You see, most of us are wary of marketing. We subconsciously filter out messaging we receive on a daily basis.

And filtering out anything too complex is easy.

Apple has built the world’s most powerful brand based on simplicity.

The question marketers must ask themselves is what problem are they solving?

How do they really think their product will become preferred? Are they serving the parent brand? What’s the goal here?

When developing a marketing strategy always aim for simplicity.  Exclusion is an art.