Market Leadership

Don't get complacent

The success of Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max over the holiday weekend got us thinking.  HBO is probably feeling like a market leader.

Which means they shouldn’t get too comfortable.  Because maybe viewers simply settled for that choice.

It was a test of sorts. To see if viewers would actually opt for the streaming movie or simply ignore it.

Turns out they opted in. HBO Max says nearly half of its subscribers watched WW84

But the situation recalls what all market leaders must remember.  In the lieu of any better options, audiences simply settle for the market leader. 

Consider Walmart. It’s the retail market leader by a mile.  But do shoppers really like Walmart? Do they have an emotional attachment to it?

Like most market leaders, it’s just become the default choice. Because Walmart’s competition simply copies its messaging and approach.

It’s a trap too many market leaders walk into. 

In fact, the list of companies who once reigned but are now irrelevant (Sony, Blackberry, Sears, etc.) are the ones audiences settled for.

Market Leadership. Don’t think just because you are on top that it will stay that way. Don't get complacent.

We're fine

HBO Max is feeling pretty good about the success of WW84. But it’s ultimately fool’s gold. 

Other streamers (and studios) will follow suit and offer better options.

Being content is exactly how market leadership ultimately fails.