How insurance marketing can steal share

Insurance marketing presents a case study in aged thinking with the primary motivator remaining the unique selling proposition.

Do you need a lizard, dull people in white or a spokesperson in a tweed vest to be successful?

Lots of cash hides many flaws. There is a correlation right now in the insurance industry between advertising spend and market share.

But it is not due to smart marketing. The correlation exists because everyone thinks the answer is to spend more money.

The problem is that no one executes a REAL idea. They spend on nonsense. Biggest spender wins.

Insurance is a planned purchase. Many consider insurance discretionary.

How does that affect marketing thinking?  It doesn't.

Insurance marketing

The idea is the same. Let’s repeat a symbol over and over until it’s recalled. The problem with repetition is it breeds contempt.

Who cares if YOU have seen a thing or two? Who cares if YOU have an emu as a spokes-bird?

Persuasive brands never talk about themselves. They become a reflection of the customer they wish to influence. 

Make your insurance marketing about the prospect and not about YOU.

Today's insurance marketing is clever. And clever is NEVER persuasive. 

It is not seen as real. Cleverness breaks the fourth wall. It reminds us that we are watching something.

What is the solution?

Sorry, there are no pat answers. Every insurance brand is different.

For that reason, Stealing Share ALWAYS fields projectable market research as part of the strategic development. 

We build your messaging based on that research. Our process has effectively repositioned many insurance brands.