and why do I remember it?

What do I remember?

in a word


the context of what is important to ME

let me explain

anything at all... to something you already know is how you store that new bit of learning.

Linking an event, product, idea...

You must MEMORIZE it if you have no context

And memory is labor-intensive

Wouldn’t it be better just to recall something?

To have an existing cubby hole in your mind

a custom-made spot for this new bit of information would be cool

Then, when you wanted to find it again

All you need to do is remember where you put it.

Going to that cubby hole reminds you of everything you put in it.


Because you can SEE it.

Here.   Let me show you

Memory is cognitive

Memories are learned sequentially

Sing the alphabet song

No problem with that

Now sing it backwards...

memories are linked in sequential order

Recall requires no learning

it happens effortlessly

I can prove it.

I'm going to show you a few images. Just notice them and move on.

Notice how much a magician's wand can remind you of the  Number 1

Notice how much a swan  can remind you of the Number 2

Notice how much a clover  can remind you of the Number 3

Notice how much a chair  can remind you of the Number 4

Notice how much a star  can remind you of the Number 5

Notice how much an elephant  can remind you of the  Number 6

Notice how much a flag  can remind you of the Number 7

Notice how much an hour glass can remind you of the  Number 8

Notice how much a pipe can remind you of the  Number 9

Notice how much a bat and ball  can remind you of the  Number 10

I never asked you to memorize anything

But you have entered all of those into your recall Here's proof

What was Number 6?

What was Number 4?

What was Number 2?

You recall them backwards or forwards

And in any order

You can recall each image and tell me the number

or any number and tell me the image

Great messaging is like that

no one needs to work at memorizing the message

At Stealing Share we build brands that  inspire recall