Great advertising

Ever have watch a TV ad you intuitively understand to be great advertising, but don’t know why. 

That’s the great mystery you may feel about Amazon’s upcoming Super Bowl ad.

It’s the husband’s reaction to everything. The silliness of the concept.  And the suggestion that Alexa is actually a person.

Do you even remember what Alexa is really called? It’s an Echo.

But no one calls it that.  It’s not a machine. It’s a person.

We at Stealing Share have long bemoaned the state of advertising, and the role ad agencies play in them.

Many of those ads are just comedy skits with the brand’s logo tacked onto the end. 

You just rate the spots based on whether you are entertained or not.

Super Bowl advertising is the worst offender

Ad agencies convince brands to air during the big game because it gets the agencies noticed and win some awards

They don’t really care about stealing market share.

Few of the spots are driven by strategy.

But, in this spot, there is a strategy powering it all. Alexa is a person

There’s a reason why the Echo, er, we mean, Alexa, has overtaken the smart speaker category.

I know!

It’s not marketed as a machine. Google Home can’t compete because it’s marketed as an inert thing.

So maybe there’s no mystery at all.