Effective Marketing

How to be noticed

The CPG company Mars conducted a study that found marketers have about two seconds to grab someone’s attention. 

If that’s true, then how can you develop effective marketing in that short time?

Many marketers may start with a catchy tune or image. Some start with some sort of deal. 

Others believe a strange spokesperson does the trick.

As you can tell, effective marketing remains out of reach for most. Because those are just tactics. 

How do target audience decide (consciously or not) what to notice?

They immediately notice what reflects them

We instinctively filter out the thousands of messages we see each day.

Think about this. If you were driving down a highway, and you saw a billboard with YOUR picture on it, you’d notice. 

So much so you’d drive straight off the road.

To develop effective marketing you must reflect the audience. Humans are self-centered creatures. We care mostly about ourselves

Effective markeing

If your marketing doesn’t include that self-reflection, then you won’t be noticed no matter what you do.

Live inside the customer. That’s how you get noticed.  Even in two seconds. Click the image below for us to tell you more.