Creating a BRAND for START-UPs

NEVER make the same mistake twice

Napoleon was right. 

Start-ups have a  smaller margin of error

Than their BIG brothers and sisters

Up until now, START-UPs couldn't afford 

Fill in some text

Stealing Share's help.

That changes today.

We put together a complete branding package that positions start-ups to succeed

Start-up brand creation without breaking the bank

We give start-ups the big-boy treatment

All our global expertise, insights, and strategy in a condensed form just for start-up companies

We do it all — soup to nuts... for start-ups and small-cap companies

A start-up brand in just 20  working days.  Yup, 4 weeks.

Our top  strategists look  at your market.

Talk to your stakeholders

And model the market with our predictive behavioral modeling

The same process that grabbed market share and increased preference for Fortune 100 brands is now available to start-up companies

All this work to find the highest emotional intensity To make target audiences covet what you sell.

We create the brand name and the brand theme line. 

And we build your start-up brand charter so that you KNOW…

Who your brand is for.

And who it’s not for.

Brand Clarity  Richness and texture


Your new brand comes alive and positions  you to win.

This process provides start-ups with a full-blown brand strategy to steal market share and showcase your new logo too.

Welcome to the  big leagues