Using Human  Fears and Beliefs  to Create Brand Preference

Humans act on what they believe to be true....

...whether or not it is true in fact.

Beliefs based on FEAR are the most convincing because they are primal.

Evolution dictates:  that which threatens you demands your attention above all other concerns.

Present day, if you believe a loss of control will threaten your job and your reputation you will switch to the one who promises you greater control.

At Stealing Share,  we call these THE HIGHEST EMOTIONAL INTENSITIES And we use our deep-seated behavioral research to find them.

Once we do, we build your brand around them. Every customer touchpoint, every message, every visual, from logo to web and social media, will now reinforce this  brand strategy.

This is how Stealing Share builds lasting preference for your brand  over your competition. This is how we  steal market share for you.