Car Commercials

Why are they always the same?

It often amazes us how some brands live in the dark when it comes to knowing their competition.

Nowhere does that situation exist more than in car commercials.

Hyundai is currently patting itself on the back for using a real family in its current spots

You know the one. With the family eating spicy beef jerky?

But we gotta tell you. We can’t distinguish between the Hyundai family and the one from Nissan.

Why do car commercials always blend into the same mix? What's with this industry?

For one, many brands market with blinders on. They only see what they want to see.

What brands often don’t realize is that audiences see marketing in a snapshot. They don't pick over the details.

So when two campaigns are so similar, we either instinctively ignore them. Or think they are part of the same campaign.