How Trade Shows Can Adapt to COVID-19

With large in-person meetings being cancelled, associations are scrambling for workable alternatives.

The European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery 2020 Annual Meeting

C A S E  I N  P O I N T

EACTS serves over 4000 members in Europe and Asia. Their annual meeting is the largest cardio-thoracic meeting in the world. 

Stealing Share helped EACTS create high attendance and interest even in the midst of Covid.




Even though originally intended to be in Barcelona, Stealing Share created a highly integrated campaign for an all virtual show.

From show theme to logo and beyond, Stealing Share created a fully comprehensive messaging and visual campaign to entice members and other healthcare professionals to attend the virtual show and sessions.

Rather than a boring Zoom meeting, we named the virtual experience a "portal" then designed the logo in the style of famous Barcelona artist Joan Miro. 

First, we looked at our research on behavioral changes because of Covid-19.

We used this in every touchpoint for this year's show.

Including the show themeline, which was also immediately adopted by leadership as the brand themeline for the organization.

The online congress was a remarkable interactive experience.

Attendees could walk around the "show floor" and talk to exhibitors and other attendees -


For EACTS,  Stealing Share provided:

Executive Management and Board Presentations Comprehensive Project and Vendor Management Show Themeline Brand Themeline Show Logo

For EACTS,  Stealing Share provided:

Portal Naming Strategy & Themeline Social Media Campaign Email Campaign Web Site Refresh and    Messaging Powerpoint Templates Show Graphics and Standards Speaker Guidance

was a tremendous success with attendees from around the world, engaging with exhibitors and members for a truly memorable and clearly unique experience.


EACTS plans to expand on this year's success with further outreach innovations and technical wonders.

Brands can grow and thrive in the most extreme of times.