Branding Strategy

To steal share

You must steal share with your branding strategy or your brand will die.

There is no such thing as a purely immature market. Products take share from an existing category.

Take the introduction of the iPod.

Many marketers argue that it created a new category. But, in fact, it simply changed an existing category of Walkmans.

Therefore, your branding strategy must focus on stealing market share

Stealing market share is not underhanded. Stealing market share is just plain smart.

Growing your share means you are satisfying the preceptive needs of your target audience. 

And to the detriment of your competitors.

First, you must excite both the right and left brains of your target audience

The right brain of aesthetics and emotion. And the left brain of truth, logic and reason.

Narrow the branding strategy to focus only on the customer

This requires understanding and mapping the belief systems of the target audience. 

Start with careful due diligence and thoughtful market research. 

Vulnerabilities of each competitor must be examined and understood.

Most strategies reflect the company itself or mimic the market leader.

This wastes money.

Today's advertising is built around product benefits.  And that's not now people choose.

Focus on what the market desires and what the market leader is neglecting.

Do not confuse the business of the company with the business of the brand.

The business of the company is what you do.

The business of the brand is the definition of your customer.