Brand permission

Win When Outspent

If you have unlimited budgets, your marketing job is that much easier.

For the rest of us, we have to learn how to win without the largest budgets and dominating share of voice.

Therefore, focus and clarity always lead to better results.

How do you know when you have such focus?

Brand Permission

First, you must make sure that your brand is built to persuade

Most companies define their brands with a litany of category descriptors like convenient, effective and value.

To persuade, your brand must have the core beliefs that propel your audiences to choose.

They must see your brand as such a powerful self-descriptor that to choose a competitor would be akin to emotional suicide.

This is where, in part, brand permission comes in.

Where does your brand have permission to play, emotionally?

Define your brand by the emotional self-definition of your customer...

....then you know what you can say and do.

The Apple customer is someone who thinks different.

The gave Apple brand permission to make and market the iPhone. It was different.

Your brand definition consists of both left-brain and right-brain elements.

For the left brain, your brand must include the logic and reasoning that conveys importance. 

Brand permission is the extent to which your brand has the right to be seen as true and real.

Oddly enough, truth is most often a right-brain perception and brand permission comes from a belief in an emotional truth.

As a result, your brand recipe must include motivation and emotion.

Ad agencies talk in terms of reach and frequency. These are both important. But they are not science.

If you are being outspent, outreach your competition with less frequency. 

This means igniting the right and left-brain responses of more people with fewer impressions.

A properly defined brand permission creates that space. 

It defines your executions in the same way that your eye color was defined by an allele on chromosome 19. 

Your brand permission is always defined by the emotional self-description of your audience.

Then, your direction for everything you do is defined and meaningful.

And you outreach when you are outspent.