Brand naming

Brand is so much more than just a name, logo and mark.

The importance of that brand is so much more important than the usually mundane attributes associated to it.

With that in mind, let's talk about brand naming.

The process has become silly.

Because, somehow, most brands end up with something so inoffensive it becomes unmemorable.

Many brands use focus groups, which you should never do.

Let's pretend for a moment you are starting a rental car company.

And let's say you are testing a name with a focus group.


The focus group would say, “Terrible name. Sounds like pain to me.” 

You're an idiot

The brand would scrap that name. And come up with a different, less disturbing name like ACME.


Names only have value with the meaning the brand assigns to it.

Think Apple.

The brand assigns it a meaning: The forbidden fruit.  The one biting is thinking differently.

The result?

When developing a brand name, think about the customer.

What are their emotional drivers?

In the case of Apple, it was not being mainstream.

And it was positioned against the rest of the category.