Brand Loyalty

Grape Nuts, Burger King

You’d have trouble finding two brands as dissimilar as Grape Nuts and Burger King. 

But both serve as interesting test cases in brand loyalty.

Post announced that Grape Nuts will be back on the shelves next month. Bringing cheers from its loyal fans.

Burger King announces a loyalty program that’s doomed to fail.

What’s the difference?

Grape Nuts has been missing from groceries because of shortages of its wheat and barley product.

For months, fans cried on social media that they weren’t getting their daily fix

Why the loyalty?

The Grape Nuts brand loyalty became more acute when the cereal wasn’t available. 

Scarcity can be a reason for preference. 

Or, as Groucho Marx said, “I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.”

Speaking of which. Why would anyone want to be a member of the Burger King club?

It’s the most confused brand in fast food. It doesn’t know what it stands for. 

It has burger in the name. But keeps trying to generate brand loyalty with a revolving menu of non-burger options.

The Grape Nuts brand stands for the original health cereal

Burger King? My god, it remains the antithesis of brand loyalty.

In order for you to be loyal to a brand, that brand must first, you know, be a meaningful brand.

The lesson is that tactics alone don’t create preference. Meaning creates that. 

Just saying brand loyalty doesn’t mean you have it.

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