Brand Anthropology

How to market  persuasively

Is it worthless  to evaluate brand, rebranding and marketing? 

It is without looking into a  broader spectrum that examines human behavior.  You need your brand to be persuasive.

Persuasive branding strategy and marketing strategy is really anthropology. 

Persuasive branding is the science of human behavior.

It is not enough to know  usage and attitudes.  You need to know their fears and aspirations.

You need to know your customers in the broad context of their lives.  What do they believe

Aligning your brand with the target audiences beliefs is how you make branding  persuasive.

Remember... the customer's beliefs...

are not static because of context.

Develop strategy and messaging upon those beliefs. 

We notice, remember, and prefer things that agree with our underlying beliefs.

Broad beliefs. Things like "I believe simple is better" or "actions have consequences."

How do we figure out this beliefs?

Research. We conduct research

Brand anthropology is based on the customer's beliefs not the product or service.