Beer marketing to create preference

The beer market is as fragmented as any.

It is splintered into many brands.  One report claims 19,000 brewing companies worldwide in 208 countries.

There was a time when beer drinkers were the most loyal of customers.  

Not any more. Today's beer drinker has little loyalty, and breweries know it.

Customers became Pavlov's dogs, as breweries taught them to regularly drink many beer styles.

. And the training took. They are no longer brand loyal because brands trained them to feel like they are more discriminating.

So, ask yourself. Do you love your customers? 

When they don't love one of your beer styles, do you blame them for a lack of sophistication or your recipe?

Put everything on the table. Everything. Brand name, logo, style selection, and all the sub-brand names.

The process is not that complicated. We start with research that is predictive of the market.

Make the values and brand narrative reflect what the research has shown. 

Reframe the brand in the emotional aspirations of the target market.

1) Diagnose the problem and identify the barriers

4 Beer Marketing Rules 

2) Figure out a solution for every barrier

3) Change everything that needs adjustment

4) Make everything work together

Drinkers believe the taste of their beer is good. 

It's not about the beer

No one says they drink awful tasing beers. You cannot convert prospects on taste alone.

Build your messaging and marketing strategy upon the wants and needs of the customers you must influence.

It's about the customer