Avoiding Brand Drift

One of the most delightful brands today remains Duluth Trading Company. 

You know the TV ads. The simple, pencil-drawn animation. The willingness to go there.

But the new spot featuring its women’s line is a prime example of brand drift.

It’s fine and all. But bland as week-old bread. Compare it to a typical Duluth spot.

You wouldn’t even know the two ads came from the same brand.  

The men’s spot feels a tad shocking. Keep your boys where they belong is wonderful. 

Forge your merry way doesn’t feel that way.  At all.

It’s a perfect example of brand drift. Brands may find the gold mine in their marketing. Sell it. Market it. 

Then grow tired of it so they try something new.

Brand drift

But here’s the thing. You, as the marketer, grow tired of your brand position long before your target audience does.

Anytime you waver from your brand position weakens the brand.  It becomes less believable.

Consistency may be an overused word in branding. But it’s important. Without it, you just become a marketer looking to justify your existence.

It may sound boring to some. But avoiding brand drift is what great brands do.