Stealing Share case studies, including B2B

Increasing B2B Market Share Brand Case Study


Tennessee Mat Company, the largest manufacturer of safety and comfort matting came to Stealing Share to reposition their venerable brand and to increase

Brand Case Study for Wearwell logo was a change

Tennessee Mat rebranded to Wearwell

preference for its high quality products. However, it was difficult for the target audiences to determine brand quality and value because, from their point of view, matting looked the same, served practically the same purpose, and failed to evoke an emotional connection. Also, due to years of organic growth, the company and its brands were known by both Tennessee Mat corporate identity and Wearwell brand name.

Tennessee Mat agreed that it needed to put a stake in the ground for the brand and begin developing a single brand name that inspired meaning in the marketplace. We focused their energies on the Wearwell brand.

We then developed a new logo and theme line and crafted a marketing plan designed to position them firmly as the market leader, helping them embody the precepts that drive this highly diversified customer base to choose a brand. We helped build their brand so that customers would understand what Wearwell meant and would then covet the brand based on emotional preferences as well as practical requirements. (Read more about our brand process here)

Marketing Logistics Brand Case Study

A national logistics company, New Breed, (See a case study of New Breed here) was mired in a competitive but stagnant industry. Our own insight into the category of logistics suggested that it was

New Breed Logistics brand case study

New Breed Logistics

moving from the “operational” industry it was when the trucking industry owned it, to a more strategically inclined process powered by technology companies. Consequently, we discovered a novel and profitable target audience for this logistics industry player in the c-level executive and conducted research with more than 400 of those executives across the country. We uncovered a brand position that was two years ahead of the marketplace and aligned with an important precept, finding opportunity in change that appealed to those executives. The brand messaging just had to find the right target to influence in this case.

Automotive Marketing Brand Case Study

JiffyLube, a national “oil change” retailer was losing business and brand identity to auto dealers and needed a share-stealing strategy to counter. Stealing Share® devised a brand strategy, positioned the retailer against dealerships, that aligned with the belief that most of us

Brand Case Study of how JiffyLube needed to grow business

JiffyLube Business Growth

feel out of control when taking our cars to dealers. The resulting campaign brought consumers back to the retailer because the brand strategy addressed a consumer issue that dealers had pushed aside.


Marketing Financial Services

A financial firm that only received new business through referrals and name recognition needed a brand that spoke to men and women with net worth of at least $400,000. We recommended that they narrow their audience even further, focusing on people who have come to some life-changing experience: a divorce, a death of a spouse, first grandchild, nearing retirement, selling a business, etc. Research bolstered the brand strategy which hypothesized that it was during times of drastic change when people desire financial assistance. We identified a brand position that spoke to those people, focusing on the value of life experience. (read a category wide market study on banking here)


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